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14. Home "alone"

13. Self-discovery

12. Trying to explain

11. Trying to cover up

10. Cat on the town

9. Interrupted

8. Testing each other out

7. Morbid curiosity

6. New Height

5. At Karyn's

4. Karyn finds out

3. The next morning

2. Typical guy wishes

1. You Are What You Wish

Home "alone"

on 2016-07-11 14:43:20

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Karyn smiled. "I just wished that Jon would be extra suggestible for an hour after he got home, and would have a hard time NOT concentrating on any body part someone mentioned to him. I was planning to mess around with him for a bit myself, but I see you got to him first."

"You mean I can suggest ANYTHING to him and he'll do it?" asked Zoe.

"Well, not ANYTHING, I expect, but we can try it out," said Karyn. "Jon, have you ever thought about... umm... penis fingers?"

"What?" I said, but my hands immediately felt funny. I looked down to see my fingers shortening and turning floppy. My fingernails disappeared and my fingertips turned into unmistakeable cock-heads.

"What the fuck!?" I yelled, but I felt my pussy getting wet and my fingers started to stiffen and grow. I had ten small erections sticking out of my hands!

"Okay, that's disgusting," said Zoe. "Why are they getting hard?"

"Well," said Karyn, "I also wished that he would get hornier when he got humiliated."

"I wonder if he's going to fuck himself with his dick-fingers," Zoe said.

The sudden temptation was almost overwhelming. It took all of my willpower to keep my dick-fingers away from my pussy. I looked at the freakish appendages and saw my fingertips glistening with pre-cum. Beads of sweat broke out on my huge tits, and I felt a dribble of fluid from my pussy running down the inside of my leg.

"I have a better idea," said Karyn. She said, "Jon, you can stop concentrating on all of these changes."

I gasped with relief as my fingers started to turn back into my normal hands, and my tits started to shrink back to my normal chest. My penis slowly started growing back in my crotch, until Karyn snapped her fingers and said "But I want you to concentrate on having a female body."

My tiny penis reversed its growth and shrank back into my body. My tits stopped shrinking, and a pair of small breasts now adorned my chest. The room seemed to grow slightly, and I ran into the bathroom to look in the mirror.

I saw a girl who looked almost exactly like Zoe. The features were similar to mine, but unmistakably female - my angular jaw had softened, my eyes seemed little bigger, and my lips were fuller. My shoulders were much narrower and I lacked the muscle definition I was used to seeing in my reflection. Most noticeably, my body hair was almost non-existent; apart from a slight fuzz in my armpits and above my pussy, I looked almost totally hairless below my eyebrows.

"I wish that, for the next hour, Jon would believe that Zoe and I aren't here. I wish that Jon will get hornier and hornier until he has an orgasm, but won't be able to orgasm until that previous wish expires."

I looked around. Karyn and Zoe were gone! I was alone, and naked, in the house. Relieved that I didn't have to expose myself to them anymore, at least for a little while, I went upstairs to the main bathroom with the full-length mirror.

When I got there, I shut the door. Weirdly, it swung open by itself again; I must not have shut it properly. I went back and closed it, making sure it was shut all the way. Then I looked at myself in the mirror again.

Damn, I was kind of hot! I felt my pussy getting warm and wet again. Shit! I tried to concentrate on making myself look male again. With some difficulty, I managed to concentrate enough to make my facial features look more boyish, if not quite masculine, and I broadened my shoulders and restored my normal height. I still had tiny, flat breasts adorning my chest, though, and my pussy stood proudly in my crotch.

I grabbed a hand mirror and held it under my pussy. Gingerly, I spread my labia apart and examined the workings. Fluid flowed around my fingers, and it was a bit hard holding everything so I could see it because I was so wet and slippery down there. Fuck, it felt good to touch it! Little bolts of electricity ran up my spine. I saw what I knew must be my clitoris, glistening near the top of my slit, and it looked almost like a tiny penis. That gave me an idea.

I focused on my clit. To my delight, it started to grow! I concentrated as hard as I could, and my clit grew and grew until it was poking past my labia. It grew until it was at least three inches long, and stood proudly out of my groin like a tiny penis. Fuck, I was horny!

I grabbed my huge clit (or micro-penis) and started to jerk it off gently. It was WAY more sensitive than my cock, and I thought I was going to come instantly - but instead, I just got hornier.

Now I wanted to see tits, and thanks to my foolish wish, I didn't even have to search porn on my computer. My reflection started to change again, and the bathroom seemed to grow as my body shrank down.

In a few minutes, I was starting at a living wet dream. A beautiful redhead with big, perfect tits and a completely hairless body stood in the mirror. She was on the curvy side, with wide hips and flawless skin. She - I - was less than five feet tall, and a three-inch clit stood out proudly from her glistening, tight, and hairless pussy.

I felt a terrible need to fill a strange emptiness in my groin. I gingerly stuck a finger inside myself, and it felt so good that my knees buckled and I nearly fell over.

I lowered myself to the bathroom floor, fingering myself with my right hand and felling my perfect tits with my left. A small moan escaped my lips, and my voice was unmistakably female.

I started masturbating more and more furiously, but while I kept getting hornier and hornier, I just couldn't climax. I had nearly my whole hand thrusting in and out of my pussy now, but it wasn't enough. Exasperated, I ran out of the bathroom to search for something more satisfying.

I found myself ransacking my bedroom, and then my parents' bedroom, looking for anything that would work. I tried to go into Zoe's room, hoping that she had a dildo or something, but her door was locked. Shit!

I must have searched the house for more than half an hour. Pussy juice was running down my thighs, making them slip easily against each other, and I kept absent-mindedly fondling my tits and pussy. Every now and again I caught a glimpse of my beautiful, heart-shaped ass in a mirror and another wave of arousal would flood through my body.

Finally, I found a large zucchini in the refrigerator. Gasping with relief, I dropped to the linoleum floor right in front of the fridge and started to jam the huge vegetable inside myself. It barely fit, but it was perfect. I grabbed the zucchini with both hands and rammed it back and forth into my pussy. Juice from my cunt formed a pool on the floor around me, and I had to grab onto the counter with one hand as my large ass started to slip in my own lube.

After several minutes of furious masturbation, I could feel myself ready to climax. Suddenly, a naked Karyn and a clothed Zoe were standing in front of me, laughing and grinning. Zoe was holding her phone like she was recording me. Before I could say anything, my whole body was racked by the most intense orgasm I had felt in my life. My head slammed into the floor as my muscles contracted and my body shook with wave after wave of pleasure. Loud, feminine moans escaped my mouth and the zucchini slid out from between my thighs, letting a flood of fluids come out behind it. As I writhed on the floor, speechless with orgasm and humiliation, I heard Karyn's voice.

"Okay Jon, NOW we're even."

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