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6. New Height

5. At Karyn's

4. Karyn finds out

3. The next morning

2. Typical guy wishes

1. You Are What You Wish

New Height

on 2016-06-21 07:04:42

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Jon flexed new muscles; it felt pretty nice. He was lean and streamlined. Karyn circled him, obviously enjoying the view.

"Hmm," Karyn said. "It's getting annoying looking up at you. Concentrate on being six inches shorter than me." She snapped her fingers.

Jon was six foot; Karyn 5'6". Thus, Jon lost an entire foot. His whole perspective changed as the room appeared bigger. He still had the same toned body and still had the same age, but he was just really short. Also, Karyn's bare breasts were right at his eye level. Because of of Karyn's wish, he couldn't concentrate on them, but that didn't stop his body from reacting. Rather pitifully, but it was still a reaction, one that Karyn didn't miss.

She smirked at his small manhood. "That's just getting embarrassing," she said, snapping her fingers. "Concentrate on not having a penis."

Jon groaned. He tried to keep a mental image of his manhood, but it was like holding water; it slipped away. Jon looked down and saw nothing there. It was just flat. He rubbed his hand across his groin area, but only felt smooth skin. "Karyn," Jon complained, "Don't you think you're taking this too far?"

"Not at all," she said giggling. "I need to make sure you learn your lesson. Though, I have to admit, that does look kind of strange. I'll let you wear some clothes." Jon, grateful he could wear something, went for his boxers. "Not those clothes." She held up a pair of painties. "Put these on."

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