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2. Typical guy wishes

1. You Are What You Wish

Typical guy wishes

on 2016-06-03 03:25:32

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I got home, and couldn't get my mind off of Karyn and the changes she had accidentally inflicted on herself. My mind was churning with ideas about things I could do with the stone, but I kept thinking about Karyn. These were the kind of thoughts I'd never really had about my best friend before. If I had been smarter, I might have clued in that Karyn's wish mentioned getting more attention from guys - and it turned out that the stone was a bit more thorough than we had anticipated.

Unfortunately, I wasn't that smart. After eating supper with my family, I went to my room, picked up the stone, and quietly said "I wish that I could see Karyn naked."

Nothing seemed to happen. I opened my computer and sent a video chat request to Karyn. She answered right away, and I gasped when I saw her sitting in front of her computer - TOPLESS! Her large breasts hung in front of her like two majestic orbs. I couldn't see her nipples, as they were out of frame, but there was no question at all that Karyn was naked, at least from the waist up.

"What's up?" Karyn asked, as though everything were perfectly normal.

"Um... how are you?" I stammered.

"Not bad," Karyn said. "Bored. I've been thinking about things we could do with your stone."

I said nothing. I couldn't think of anything to say. My best friend was chatting with me, naked, and acting as though everything was normal. And she was actually really hot. Funny I never really noticed that before.

"Don't you want to know?" she asked.

Surprised, I said, "Oh yeah, are you getting used to... um... your new hair?"

She sighed and said, "It's a little weird. I'm not used to it being so long and straight. But my parents didn't say anything, so I guess you were right about nobody else noticing."

Then she reached up and pulled her hair behind her head, pulling it into a ponytail. As she did so, her breasts rose into view of the camera and I glimpsed them in all their glory. Full, round, firm and perky, they were topped with small pink nipples. My mouth fell open as Karyn lowered her arms and her breasts slid out of view.

"What's the matter, Jon?" she asked. "Did you wish to be a moron or something? Why are you just staring at me, breathing through your mouth?"

I snapped my jaw shut as my brain attempted to catch up. "Oh yeah, what ideas?" I asked.

"Well, I was thinking that we could wish to be able to transform our bodies. Maybe then I could return these things to normal," she said, gesturing at her beautiful breasts. "They're kinda big, not that you can tell under this shirt." She grinned.

I grinned back. She knew! She was toying with me.

"They look great to me," I said.

She smirked. "Oh, shut up, you goofball. Anyway, I have to go, but maybe we can hang out longer after school tomorrow. Later!" She reached towards the screen, giving me one last glimpse of nipple before she killed the connection.

I sat back, stunned. I noticed a stiffness in my pants, and had an idea. Karyn's suggestion about wishing to be able to transform was a good one. I figured I should start small, though.

I picked up the stone, and carefully said, "I wish that I had the ability to transform part or all of my body by concentrating on what I want to change it to. When I stop focusing on it, my body will return to normal."

Nothing seemed to happen. I held up my left hand, and concentrated on having long fingernails. In front of my eyes, they started to grow longer and longer, until my hand looked like I had some kind of crazy manicure. I tried to stop thinking about long nails, but nothing happened. Uh-oh, I thought.

Then I got up to look for my nail clippers. I tried to remember where I had left them. By the time I found them, I looked at my hand again, and saw that my fingernails were back to normal. Yes! I had something that would work!

I noticed that my hard on hadn't gone down very much, and was still pretty uncomfortable in my pants. I locked my door, and then pulled down my pants and underwear. My penis was pretty normal-sized, but I started to concentrate on having a really big dick. I watched in amazement as my boner slowly started to grow bigger and bigger. When it was nearly a foot long, I reached down and started to stroke it. Oh God, that felt good.

Then I started thinking about Karyn, teasing me on the webcam. I started to stroke faster and faster, and then noticed that something felt weird about my upper body. I looked down, and found myself staring at my huge dick past two very large lumps in my shirt!

I gasped and pulled up my shirt. Hanging off my chest were two large, and unmistakably feminine, breasts. In fact, they looked an awful lot like the ones Karyn was showing me on the webcam! I grabbed them in my hands, and they felt amazing. Stroking my nipples with one hand and my huge cock with the other, it didn't take me long to climax.

After I got myself cleaned up, I still had large breasts and a huge cock. Again, I tried to stop concentrating on them, but it was like trying not to think about elephants. Then, I tried concentrating on my normal chest, and the breasts started to shrink and fade back to normal. My cock shrank back to its average, flaccid three inches as well. I went to bed that night feeling contented and relaxed.

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