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2. Selfie Transformations

1. You Are What You Wish

Selfie Transformations

on 2016-05-26 21:46:10

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Jon walked around his room considering what he could do with the stone. He wanted to change his body but after what happen to Karen he didn't want to mess up his body in a permanent way. He then got a great idea "OH! Got it!" he said taking up his phone and then the stone.

"I wish..." he took a breath "That when ever I take a selfie I will change to better fit in with the back ground." he smiled to himself thinking it was a great way of getting what he wanted. He could go to a rich part of town and take a picture and change to fit in and be rich or head to a gym and become ripped. And since he didn't use the stone it would always be so easy to fix." he smiled to himself considering taking one now but thinking a picture in his whole room probably wouldn't do much. He then set the rock down on his desk along with the note and then headed off to school trying to think about the best place to try his new selfie transformations.

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