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1. You Are What You Wish


on 2016-05-25 23:36:47
Episode last modified by Brayn on 2018-02-16 08:36:15

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Jon laid in bed that night unable to sleep thinking about what to wish for. He sat up and looked around his room before staring at the rock. He took it in his hand and thought for a moment looking up at a comic book poster he get felt his heart beat fast as he thought if what to wish.

"I wish... about 80% of the worlds population would develop superpowers at around ages 12-18. People with super powers would either get a unique power, one of their parents powers, or some kinda combination of them. People with super powers would get a natural tattoo somewhere on their body that would be sitting for their super powers, people with super powers for this reason are know as marks."

he said letting out a sigh and taking a breath.

"I wish that the other 20% of the population would be known as markless and have no powers what so ever, but at around the ages of 12-18 would transform to be either a sexy busty bimbo looking woman or a sexy hung buff stud of a man. Both looking like the typical porn stereotypes but don't have any special powers other then never having to worry about their diet or working out since it's all natural but everyone else would still need to work on their body like a normal person unless their power was specifically related to it."

Jon felt a small tingle but kept wishing after another deep breath. "I wish that people without marks were looked down on, not as bad as racism or anything but something more around what people thing of gingers and fat people combined... but they still find them sexy."

He took a few deep breaths feeling a bit dizzy and stood up just in time to pass out. He would change in his sleep and stir waking up covered in sweat about an hour later and sat up and turned to look in the mirror...

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