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2. Personality's Change

1. You Are What You Wish

Personality's Change

on 2016-05-03 03:01:57

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The next morning, Jon was going to is locker when Sarah bump im out of nowhere "Ouch you fucking nerd watch where you walk, no one want to be so close of you, you know." Then she look at Jon with disgust an turn the corner to go see her friends and make fun of im.
Jon tough " Man, what a bitch, a bitch whit a nice ass, but still a bitch, anyway her personality is was to bad. I wonder if I can do anything about it."
Then suddenly, a idea pop in is head, he can fix Sarah personality, but why just stop it here, he can change the personality of every girl in the school, in a sort of social experiment. So Jon took out the stone out of is pocket look around to see if anyone was lessening to im an them he made is wish "I wish that for the next week, every girl in school would get a personality change, the wish can only affect the physic of the girl when only necessary, also there mental will still be affected by the changes but, the will stay conscious of the changes." With those condition set Jon set is route to is next class.

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