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2. The Playboys belong to mom

1. You Are What You Wish

The Playboys belong to mom

on 2016-03-14 01:19:00

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Jon sat in his room that evening, wondering if he should wish for anything more. He had spent the last couple hours after dinner (which he had wished would be delivery pizza instead of meatloaf) wishing up little things. A new laptop, some new video games... His sister had been annoying him, so he wished she had gone to her friends' house for the night. Nothing major, nothing history or world changing... Then he heard his parents, Roger and Lynda, arguing in their room across the hall. What they were arguing about, he couldn't tell, but he knew he should wish something about his parents. But what?

Then, he thought of it. One point of contention between the two of them was his dad's Playboy collection. These were vintage Playboys that he had saved since he was a teenager. His mom was always threatening to throw them out, and to make her even angrier, Jon's dad would point to one of the models and say, "Wish you were HER!" and laugh while Jon's mom fumed. Jon never knew if she was jealous of the magazines, or just threatening to throw them out because she was mad about something else. But he got his wish.

"I wish that the Playboy collection hidden in my dad's dresser drawer was hidden in my mom's dresser drawer. I wish the magazines had not been collected and saved by my dad when he was a teenager, but by my mom when she was a teenager."

There was a flash. There was still arguing in the room across the hall, but it sounded different. Jon decided to creep out into the hallway for closer inspection.

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