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2. Random switching

1. You Are What You Wish

Body swapping out of Jon's control

on 2016-02-25 17:30:29

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I returned home and slumped on my bed. My parents were away for the week, Zoe was out with friends and wouldn't be home till late and Mikey was having a sleep over at one of his friend's so I had the place to myself. I wondered how to make the most of it and came up blank. Typical. I bummed around doing what I would have done without the stone, ordering in a Chinese, watching some bad movies on D bad and surfing the web. At about eleven, I yawned and decided to turn in. Looking down at the stone, a random idea came to me.

With a chuckle I picked it up and said "I wish at midnight tonight everyone in town would swap lives with a random other person in town for a week, and when they swap back will think it'd all been a dream. I wish while swapped, everyone will have their original memories but think it normal to be whoever they've become." As an afterthought I added "I wish whoever I become I'd have the stone with me and whoever becomes Jon won't have any knowledge of the stone."

Happy with my choice I turned in, wondering who I'd be in the morning.

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