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2. Jon's wish for riches backfire

1. You Are What You Wish

Jon's wish for riches backfires

on 2016-02-20 10:00:26

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That evening, Jon sat in his room, thinking about the events of the day, and especially the rock. He thought of Karyn's wish, and of Sarah McMillan. Sarah was from the richest family in town, her father owned several businesses and owned the most land in town. The closest thing to a mansion in the area was the McMillan estate. Jon then thought of a wish. He held the rock in his hands.

"I wish I had access to the McMillan fortune."

There was a flash, forcing Jon to close his eyes. When he opened them he was shocked. He was no longer in his bedroom, and he was wearing different clothes. He now wore a fancy black dress with matching opera-length gloves and heels. Several strings of pearls hung around his neck, and he could feel that he was wearing make-up. The room he was in was huge, it looked like the bedroom of a rich woman. He looked at himself in the large mirror. He was still himself, he was obviously a teenage boy wearing fancy womens' clothes, although the make-up was applied with an expert hand. The only physical change he noticed was his ears were now pierced, diamond earrings dangling from them.

Suddenly there was a knock at the door, "Jon, honey, are you ready yet? We'll be late..." he recognized it as the voice of Mr. McMillan. What was happening? Jon panicked. Then he saw it... On the wall hung a large framed wedding portrait. There was Mr. McMillan, smiling in a tuxedo, his arms embracing Jon, who was in a beautiful wedding dress. THAT'S how he got access to the McMillan fortune?! By marrying Mr. McMillan?! He fumbled with the rock, trying to think of a wish to get out of this, when the door opened...

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