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2. Stoned: The Wish

1. You Are What You Wish

Stoned: The Wish

avatar on 2016-01-04 15:10:20

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Jon sat in his bedroom, thinking about the stone. "This is way too powerful" he thought, "I can't let someone get hold of it, especially after seeing what Karyn did accidentally."

Picking up the stone and holding it tightly in his right hand, he made a wish, "I wish I can't lose the stone" he said clearly.

There was a bright flash, and Jon felt the stone grow very hot "Argh!" he screamed, opening his hand to drop the stone.
But the stone wasn't in his hand. "What the hell" thought Jon, "Where'd the ston-" he paused, looking at the palm of his hand.
There was a reddish-black circle, about the size of the stone in the middle of his hand. Running his left index finger over his right palm, he noticed the feeling in the blackened area was significantly dulled.

"Great, it's burned my hand" thought Jon, "I wish I knew where the stone had gone, though"
Suddenly Jon felt a searing heat in his right hand, he screamed in pain, then the burning suddenly stopped. And he knew where the stone was, it had become part of him.

"Ngh" grunted Jon, rubbing his right hand with his left. "Why'd it have to-" he paused again, catching a glance of his right hand.
It had gone reddish-black all over, fading back to normal at his wrist. His fingers had become pointed at the tips, almost clawlike.

"What. The. Hell." gasped Jon. "Gotta tell Karyn" he said to himself, "I wish she was here" he muttered, not thinking.
The intense burning shot up his right arm, all the way to his shoulder, as Karyn suddenly appeared in the middle of his room.

Jon was kneeling on the floor, tightly gripping his right arm.
"Wha- Jon! Why did you wis- OH MY GOD, YOUR ARM!" screamed Karyn.
"Calm down Karyn" said Jon, holding his hands up in a 'stop' gesture.
"What happened?" asked Karyn, still shaken by shock. "Your arm looks so monster-y, like a demon from a cartoon"

"I wished not to lose the stone, then this happened when I made some wishes." explained Jon

"I'm sure there's a way to fix this" said Karyn

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