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2. Parallel Universes

1. You Are What You Wish

Travelling to other worlds

avatar on 2015-12-28 00:50:26

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That afternoon Jon was in his room lying on his bed watching TV, he wasn't watching anything in particular as he was in deep thought about his rock. There were so many possibilities with it; he could wish to be popular, or for his family to be rich.

One idea in his head stuck out though, he had always been interested in the idea of parallel universes, the fact that there could a universe very similar to his except for one small difference. "With this rock" Jon thought "I can visit any one of these universes, and I can create my own which I can visit at any time". So he grabbed his rock and thought of the world that he would like to see, "I wish that I can visit and leave whenever I want to, a parallel universe that was exactly like mine except that "

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