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2. Jon's clones are a little girl

1. You Are What You Wish

Jon's clones are a little girly...

on 2015-12-21 01:12:35

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Jon lay on his bed that afternoon after school, tossing up the stone and catching it. He was thinking about all the stuff he was supposed to do that week, he would really be burning the candle at both ends. His father was practically forcing him to come along with him and his drinking buddies on a fishing trip. His mother had enlisted him to help her prepare for his cousin's Jill's upcoming wedding. His teacher had assigned him to tutor Biff, the dumb jock who he hated. Finally, he was regretting that he had agreed to go on a blind date with Karyn's friend from out of town.

All he really wanted to do this week was relax and play with the stone. Wait, the stone... He could come up with an easy way to get out of all those things... He could clone himself, and send the clones off to do the stuff he didn't want to do.

"I wish I had four clones that were exactly like me in every way except for one thing, so I can tell them apart. I wish that I would know what that difference is if it's not instantly noticeable." then he added, for safety's sake, "I also wish that they have my memories, but they always know that I am the real Jon, and would never attempt to use the stone or take over my life."

There was a flash, and there stood before Jon four people that were exactly like him in every way except for one thing.

Clone #1 looked exactly like him except he had D cup breasts.
Clone #2 looked exactly like him except he wore dress and refused to wear any boys' clothes.
Clone #3 looked exactly like him except he had a vagina.
Clone #4 looked exactly like him except he had the voice and mannerisms of a 14 year old girl.

Jon rolled his eyes, this stone sure made some weird choices, but it was his own fault for not being specific, and he knew he couldn't un-wish this. Plus he really wanted to take a week's vacation, so he decided he should just assign each clone to one of his tasks. But which clone should do what?

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