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2. Jon's New First Wish

1. You Are What You Wish

Karyn Gives Jon a New Life

on 2015-12-20 18:52:31

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That afternoon Karyn met Jon over at his house. The two of them spent the next couple of hours playing around with different wishes, making changes to each other to test the limits of the stone's ability to change reality. They did this by taking turns going into the bathroom that connected Jon and his sister Zoe's rooms. Thanks to a well thought idea from Jon they had fixed it so that once a wish was successfully reversed they could remember the effects it had on them as well as the original reality but as long as the wish was in effect, unless they had heard it being made per the stone's original rules, they only remembered the new reality the wish created.

So far they had made all sorts of crazy changes but all of them were physical. While it was funny to know what her life would be like if she were a Korean immigrant or if Jon looked exactly like Gigi Hadid, the mental changes that went along with these wishes were almost only in relation to the wish itself. There had been some minor alterations to their overall identities but they hadn't really become different people.

This was what was sticking in Karyn's mind as she stood in the bathroom staring in the mirror. They'd made it a game to see if they could guess the changes the other had wished but so far neither of them had been able to see through the reality created by the stone. She was hoping that would remain true because she had an idea to really change Jon down at his core for a time. This time though, she would make it so that Jon believed that he had wished for it himself but had messed up the wishing so it was permanent. She wasn't quite sure quite how to go about it, though, until some movement in the nearby window drew her attention away from the mirror.

Looking out she saw Jon's next door neighbors, Jackson and Sabrina Prentiss, unloading groceries from their car. The Prentisses were in their early 30s and very trendy. They were borderline hipsters but seemed to be missing the smug quality that seemed to define that group. Karyn knew they had been trying for a long time to have children but due to an unforeseen medical condition were unable to conceive. Karyn remembered them saying something about looking into adoption a few years back but that was pretty much the first and last time it was brought up. This gave Karyn the impetus for her wish, though.

"I wish that until I wish otherwise last week after getting the stone Jon decided that he needed a vacation from his life and, after seeing the Prentisses in a manner similar to me just now, had decided to wish that for the remainder of his spring break he would become the 13 year old daughter that they had adopted 8 years earlier. I also wish that while the previous wish is in effect everything went just fine with Jon becoming his old physical self again but, because of poor wording in a wish to make himself think and act like the daughter Jackson and Sabrina expected and to feel completely natural and normal as a younger teenage girl with all the skills and abilities that would go along with being one raised in the lifestyle that his new parents would expose him to, Jon was still mentally the girl he'd become and was doing everything he could to act like the old Jon based on his memories of his original life."

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