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2. Better clothing for your anato

1. You Are What You Wish

Better clothing for your anatomy

on 2015-10-26 02:17:48

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The next morning Jon woke up and began to prepare for school. He went to his dresser and opened his underwear drawer. He looked at a pile of tighty-whities. He wondered why girls wore soft underwear when it was the guys who had some sensitive parts down there. That got him also to wonder why men wore pants. Skirts and dresses would be much more comfortable and better fit their anatomy. And for the same reason, pants would be better for women! Jon decided to fix what he considered society's mistake with the stone.

"I wish men wore panties and women wore briefs. I wish that men wore skirts and dresses, and never pants. I wish women wore pants and shorts, and never skirts or dresses." Then, laughing a bit, to keep things 'normal', he added, "Except in Scotland, where women occasionally wore kilts."

There was a flash. His drawer was now filled with panties! He quickly put a pair on. They were silk and fit him perfectly. They felt much more comfortable than his scratchy old cotton briefs. He looked in another drawer and found all his pants changed to skirts and dresses. All the rest of his clothes remained the same. He picked out a knee-length dark blue skirt and put it on. He walked around his room a bit and loved the freedom that it gave him. He them put on his regular t-shirt, socks, shoes, and jacket and headed down to the kitchen for breakfast. He also wanted to see how his family was dressed today, his mom usually favoured dresses over pants, and his goth sister always wore long black skirts. His father was a bit of a man's man, and his brother hated all things girly, neither of them would be caught dead in a skirt.

He ran down the stairs, loving the feel of the breeze under his skirt as he ran, and stifled a laugh as he saw his family in the kitchen. They were wearing...

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