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2. Geisha time

1. You Are What You Wish

Geisha time

on 2015-10-14 12:08:59

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John was spending the evening watch tv in the living room, He was watching some documentary about Japan, John was bored and wanted that something exiting would happen,

hen things get even stranger. His jeans start to flare out and change color and texture. Now he looks like he was wearing a long skirt. The pabts merges with his t-shirt, which stretches its collar into a plunging neckline, then separates at an angle down the front. The sleeves expand, falling over his arms and overflowing them, aIt's light blue, with indigo brushwork flower petals in a pattern flowing down either side of the robe and the bottoms of the sleeves. There is thick indigo trim at the edges crossing the chest, and the sleeves are so long they touch the ground. The kimono itself spills on the carpet around her bare feet.

You realize you face is becoming pale. Soon it's completely white, but the skin on her neck and everywhere else is a typical Asian complexion. Red blush appears on her cheeks, and a solid red rectangular mark appears on her lower lip. A large red band--the obi--grows out of nowhere to tie her kimono across the waist.

John twirls her new body and you watch as the flowing robes and her much longer black hair dance around him. She stops with her back to you and sways from side to side. You watch her hair wave back and forth in ripples that flow all the way to the floor. Your hair must be feet long.

The geisha that you hope is still your girlfriend Lisa turns back around and smiles. She puts her hands on her legs and bows. "Konichiwa."

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