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2. Jon changes his dad

1. You Are What You Wish

Jon changes his dad

on 2015-10-02 01:09:47

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Jon arrived home and tossed his backpack on the couch. His mom was in the kitchen, getting things ready to make dinner.

"Hi, Jon." she called. "Dinner's gonna be early tonight, your father's having company over to watch the game afterwards."

Jon groaned, he hadn't been getting along with his dad lately, and him having his drinking buddies over always added to his frustration. His dad didn't like that Jon wasn't that into sports, and he was always pushing him to join teams. Told him to quit being such a girl, grow a pair, et cetera. Also, when Karyn was over, he'd occasionally catch him checking her out, and would imply that Jon must be gay since Karyn was "just a friend".

Jon took the rock from his pocket. He had an idea. "I wish dad had the body and voice of a teenage girl, and wore clothes to match. I wish he would try his hardest to prove to everyone that he was a man."

There was a flash. About a half hour passed before his dad arrived home. Jon had to stifle a laugh as the door opened up and in walked what looked like your average teenage girl. There was some resemblance in his face of how he used to look, like they were related somehow, but gone were all traces of manliness in it now, no more five o' clock shadow. He even had on a little make-up.

"I'm home." he announced. At this point Jon DID laugh, because although he now had the voice of a girl, he attempted to lower the octave when he spoke, so he sounded quite comical. "What's so funny?" he asked Jon, an annoyed look on his new cute face. "Nothing, dad." Jon said.

Jon's dad walked into the kitchen, trying his best to walk with a manly gait, and not doing a very good job of it. He grabbed a beer from the fridge and flopped down in his chair at the table, letting his legs spread, even though he was wearing a skirt.

"How was your day, Bill?" asked Jon's mom.

"Crappy." he said, scratching his left boob, then belching. "I gotta get this stupid bra off... One day I'll finally burn the damn thing. I don't see why I gotta wear it anyway, I'm a man!"

"I know, Bill. But you know you'll be bouncing all over if you don't wear it. I know you hate having to wear women's clothing at all, but we've tried men's sizes and they just don't fit you right. You don't have to prove to me you're a man."

"Well," he said, trying to change the topic, "Hurry up with that food, the boys will be here at six."

"It's coming, dear. Don't get your panties in a bunch."

Jon's dad shot her an angry glass, but just continued to drink his beer. Jon wondered how his friends treated him now, and if he even had all the same friends...

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