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2. Imbuer

1. You Are What You Wish

Item Imbuer

on 2015-08-27 21:05:17

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Jon thought for a bit about what he wanted to wish for later that night. Out of the blue, he came up with an idea he saw from an old comic. He said, "I wish that I had the ability to imbue items with certain attributes and circumstances."

Just a minute later, he had imbued his watch with the power to change the wearer with an option page. Jon decided to try it out.

He set the options as such:
-Change: Hips Down
-Butt Size: Round and Big
-Change Genitals: No
-Adjust clothing until in base form: Yes
He didn't change anything else, and then pressed Transform.
Instantly, he felt his butt start getting bigger, and rounder. It was extremely weird to see his butt that large, and so round. It was like having a soccer ball for a behind.
Then, after playing with his new huge butt for a minute, added some more changes.
-Change: Neck Down
-Breast Size: F Cup
-Butt Size: Round and Huge
-Change Genitals: No
-Adjust clothing until in base form: Yes
Jon instantly went erect as soon as huge breasts sprouted from his chest. He fondled them for a while, as his butt grew even larger, and the rest of his main body other than his head became a woman's. Eventually he changed back to base form. Then he decided to see what he could do with other objects.

He imbued a pair of underwear with tripling the size of the person's dick while wearing it, and to make a woman grow a huge dick when wearing it. And, since Jon did all that work, he put it on. His dick suddenly made a huge bump in his underwear, which suddenly felt very loose. He took off the underwear, and it went back to it's original size. That was all for the night, and he went to bed.

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