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2. Revenge

1. You Are What You Wish

Starting small

on 2015-07-26 15:33:09

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As I went to school the following day I did not tell Karyn about the stone in my pocket. Karyn was rambling and nagging about her bigger breasts and how mch trouble they are. She told me she hadn\t had the opportunity to go bra shopping so she had to go braless today. When we got to school we ad to split up. She asked me to get the stone during recess and I promised her I would.

I had biology next but first I had to go to the bathroom. I promised Karyn once more that I will get the stone during recess and went in the boys bathroom. Or so I thought.

"Eww you perve" I heard the head cheerleader Sarah scream, "this is the girls bathroom! Get OUT! I looked around and saw Sarah looking angry at me in her cheerleader outfit. I was quick on my feet and got out as fast as I could and entered the for my gender correct bathroom. After I finished I went to class only to be greeted with laughter from a group of cheerleaders and jocks who were standing in a circle surrounding Sarah. "I bet he came in just to watch me pee! He's such a perve!" As the group around her laughed again. I quickly took my seat and kept my head down. Luckily the teacher, Miss Applebaum walked in and asked the class to pipe down.

Not soon after Miss Applebaum started her lecture I was hit by a ball of paper. Something was written on it and when I opened it, it read: PERVE! Sarah wasn't going to let me of easy. I felt the stone in my pocket and decided I had to get back at all the people that insulted me.

Under my breath I whispered while holding the stone:

"I wish that I can control and transform people however I please just by saying what I want."

The stone became warm for a brief moment. I have to see if this work by doing something subtle.

In my head I said, no one will notice me talking or doing anything that is normally not allowed during this class. Slowly I got up and walked towards one of the jocks, Michael, he looked at me but didn't react at all.

"Michael, I want you to ask Miss Applebaum why girls grow breasts. As soon as I said it, Michaels hand went in the air and Miss Applebaum said: " Yes Michael?" At that point Michael asked Miss Applebaum the question I told him to ask. The class started snickering and Michaels head turned red of shame. Miss Applebaum explained Michael about puberty and so forth and Michael listened to her ashamed.

Next I wanted to change something small, so I walked up to one of the cheerleaders, Megan. Megan has always been one of Sarah's pack but could not compete with Sarah, Megan was one of the girls they trow in the air and catch because she was very short and thin, she also was nowhere near as curvy as Sarah with small A cup breasts and very thin body. As soon as I got in front of her she looked around me to keep her attention to Miss Applebaums lecture. Megan, I want your breasts to grow two cup sizes. Again as soon as I said it I saw Megan noticing something strange in her chest. She started scratching her small cleavage and then she looked down as her cleavage became more pronounced and her breasts started to swell. Her bra was now digging in her back and breast tissue. The growing stopped and Megan looked as if she was going to burst out of her bra and cheerleader top and she looked very uncomfortable. Slowly she unhooked her bra from her back and her jiggly breasts were released. You could see a look of relief on her face. Then she took her bra off and started checking out her own boobs in amazement. She looked so happy as her tiny hands could not even hold her full breasts anymore. She quickly stopped as she was starting to draw attention from our classmates.

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