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2. Jon's fetish

1. You Are What You Wish

A kinky misadventure

on 2015-07-19 22:41:02

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I headed home in silence, lost in thought wondering what I should do with the stone. There were countless possibilities, but I had to be careful lest something go wrong like with Karyn's wish. It brought to mind all those stories of genies twisting wishes for their own amusement, like wishing for money would make a stack of cash stolen from a bank appear in your room, or wishing to grow an extra foot would give you an extra leg instead of making you twelve inches taller. Eventually I arrived home a headed straight upstairs; it was half past four and mom usually didn't serve dinner until six, so I had time to kill.

With a grin I went to my room and locked the door so I could get some alone time. Sprawling on my bed I unzipped my pants and grabbed my iPad, logging onto my favourite fetish site. As I browsed the various pics I toyed with the stone idly, not really aware I was doing so, just doing it to keep my hand busy. Before long I stopped toying with it and held it firmly, using that hand to scroll through the pics while the other clasped my cock, massaging it.

"God that's sexy," I whispered, growing harder with each pic. One in particular caught my eye. As I reached full mast I sighed "Wish that was me."

It took me a second to remember I still held the stone, and with a gulp I looked at the picture again as my vision blurred.

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