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2. A Sexy Magical Card Game

1. You Are What You Wish

A Sexy Magical Card Game

on 2015-06-30 04:22:36

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Jon couldn't sleep that night. He kept thinking about the stone... and about Karyn... and about the stone. The possibilities were endless, but at the same time, Jon was terrified at how horribly wrong his wishes might go. Karyn was stuck with blonde hair and big breasts, and Jon realized that one slip of the tongue could see HIM stuck with the same thing, or worse!

Furthermore, Karyn kept floating into his thoughts. He wasn't sure if she thought of him as anything more than a friend, but he felt a growing desire to see the changes that her wish had brought her. Without any clothes hiding them. Jon felt a swelling in his pyjama pants just thinking about it.

But what to do? The obvious options seemed creepy and wrong. He could wish Karyn to fall in love with him, but what if it wasn't REAL love? What if it was some stone-induced Stepford Wife mind control? Karyn deserved better. Likewise, wishing for glasses that could see through clothes, or some kind of magical spying device, also seemed wrong.

Unfortunately, staying up all night, obsessing over something, is also a good way to become exhausted, and exhausted minds sometimes make poor decisions.

It was nearly 4:00 am when a flash of brilliance (or what seemed like brilliance) struck Jon. All he had to do was wish for some kind of sexy magical game. Something innocuous, that Karyn would want to play, but that would slowly turn up the heat and possibly lead to something more. Of course, to avoid being creepy, Karyn would have to be able to quit at any time. Also, he would specify that any magical changes would only last until they put the game away - that should stop the wish from backfiring, right?

Jon thought carefully about his wish for nearly an hour. Then he reached over, touched the stone, and said:

"I wish that I had a magical card game, that would slowly make sexier and sexier changes to the minds and bodies of the players. I wish that any changes brought by the game would end as soon as the game is put away, and that players can stop playing whenever they want. I wish that the changes will be guided by the subconscious desires of the players."

That ought to do it, Jon thought, and a small silver box suddenly appeared on his nightstand. Jon touched it, and a tingle ran down his spine. The box read:

"A Sexy Magical Card Game, for 1-13 players."
"Warning: For Adults Only!"

Jon opened the box, and saw that it contained an ordinary-looking deck of cards. The top card was labeled "Instructions", and Jon read it.

Instructions: To play the Sexy Magical Card Game, deal a hand of 5 cards face down to each player. The first player may either play a card, or flip a card face-up from the deck. Then each other player must play a matching card. If a player cannot play a matching card, then he or she will lose the item indicated by the card. If he or she does not have the item to lose, he or she must draw another card from the deck and GAIN whatever is indicated. Play passes to the left.
Solo variant: As above, but the player must draw a card from the deck instead of playing one from his or her hand at the start of each round.

"This seems interesting," thought Jon, the fatigue seeming to flee from his mind and body. He dealt himself a hand of five cards.

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