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2. Messing with Mikey

1. You Are What You Wish

Messing with Mikey

on 2015-06-23 20:43:41

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As Jon arrived home he remembered his little brother Mikey was having some friends over after school. Mikey never had a whole lot of friends until recently. Within the past year he had started joining various sports teams, which Jon found strange because Mikey never seemed all that interested in sports, he seemed to be more into video games and comics. Now he was excited that a group of the cool jocks from his grade were coming over.

Jon peered into his brother's room, knowing he wasn't home yet. He laughed that his brother had redecorated his room to look more cool and "macho" for his new friends. Gone were his action figure displays, replaced by a couple participation trophies and ribbons, and some photos of him, one of him wearing his football uniform, another of him on the swim team in swim trunks, and a third one of him with his date to his first school dance several months ago. In all the photos he was trying to look as tough as possible. Jon suddenly had an idea. Knowing that he would be showing off his room to his guests, he decided to make a few wishes.

"I wish the next few wishes I make will only effect items in this room, and not change Mikey's life or past. I wish this room was decorated in a super girly style." There was a flash. The walls were now a light purple, the bedspread and pillow on the bed were now pink with lacy edges. All his posters had changed, there was one with all the Disney princess on it, one of Justin Bieber, one of Katy Perry, some unicorns and fairies... A nice start, thought Jon. He turned his attention to the framed photographs of his brother. "I wish instead of a football uniform, Mikey was wearing a cheerleader uniform in that photo, and doing a girly pose." A flash. "And in that photo, I wish instead of swim trunks, Mikey was wearing a bikini." Another flash. "I wish in that photo, Mikey was wearing a formal dress, and was posing with a boy instead of a girl." Jon laughed at the photos, picturing Mikey trying to explain this to his friends. Jon had just a few more wishes to make. "I wish the trophies said they were won by Mikey in beauty pageants. I wish that besides the clothes Mikey currently is wearing, all the rest of his clothes would be girls' clothes."

Just then, Jon heard Mikey and his friends come in the house, so he quickly ran out of Mikey's room and laughed as he waited the reactions to his wishes.

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