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2. Karyn's Parts: Karyn surprises

1. You Are What You Wish

Karyn's Parts: Karyn surprises Jon

on 2015-06-05 17:34:49

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The next day after school, Jon had rushed home to dig the Stone out from his hiding spot. He and Karyn had discussed all day what they were going to wish for to fix her predicament, and they had come to what Jon thought was a great conclusion. Karyn had come over to Jon's house and followed after Jon into his room.

"You've got the stone?" she asked.

"Here you go," Jon said as he tossed her the stone "Be careful, and good luck!" Karyn smiled as she held the stone and thought of the wish.

"I wish, that I would be able to reach into any drawer and pull out any body parts that thought of, and that I could attach these parts to any person, and those parts would become a part of the person as if they had naturally developed the parts themselves." Jon noticed that she had phrased the wish different than they had decided together, but he closed his eyes as a flash filled the room.

Karyn smiled as she then reached into Jon's nearby underwear drawer and lifted out a pair of breasts.

"It worked!" she said, happily as the breasts jiggled in her hands.

"Okay, now put them on and see if it works!" Jon said as Karyn walked up to him.

"Really, Jon? I bet you just want to see my boobs." she teased as she pushed out her ample chest toward him.

"What?" he was confused "No. I thought you were going to fix your hair... and your um... you know...." he tried to explain, as her demeanor was scaring him.

"Jon," she explained as she stood in front of him, still holding the jiggling breasts "After only having these new boobs for a day, I think I've grown to like them... And I think you will too." she said as she slid her hands up under his shirt, and Jon could feel a warmth spread across his chest as the Breasts became a part of him.

"K-K-Karyn... no!" he tried to protest, but he was too late. As he took a step away from her, he could feel his sensitive nipples against his cotton tee shirt. His breasts bouncing as they were unsupported. He lifted his shirt to inspect them closer, only to find they were indeed his breasts. There was no way to tell that he hadn't grown them himself, and they felt real, and soft, and they sent electric tingles through his body as he groped them.

"What the HELL Karyn!" he shouted at her. Karyn just smiled as she rolled the stone around in her hand.

"What's the matter Jon?" she teased him again "You've always wanted to get your hands on a nice pair of tits.... I figured you wouldn't care they they were yours.

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