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2. Gender ratios

1. You Are What You Wish


on 2015-05-18 02:31:22

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With a sigh I headed home and went up to my room. Dumping my bag in the corner I collapsed onto my bed and started thinking about what I could do with the stone. I started thinking of how could I use it to help Karyn, but soon got distracted by thoughts of messing with the guys who bullied me or the alpha bitches who strutted around like they owned the school. Wouldn't it be funny if I turned Sarah into a guy (at least it'd solve Karyn's breast problem, albeit by replacing it with a different one), or if I turned Biff into a girl?

From that my thoughts drifted onto thinking what impact it'd have on the gender ratio if I arbitrarily went around switching people's sexes and something interesting occurred to me; what if I took it further? If guys vastly outnumbered girls, would homosexuality or bisexuality in guys be the norm to compensate on how few compatible mates there'd be for straight guys? Or if girls vastly outnumbered guys would traditional marriage now be one man many women to increase the chances of procreation?

I put my hand in my pocket and pulled out the stone. It was certainly an interesting thought exercise, but with the stone I could actually make it so! I licked my lips, wondering if I should go through with it. Taking a deep breath I said "I wish that..."

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