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2. Fun at school

1. You Are What You Wish

Fun at school

on 2015-05-03 15:15:53

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That night Jon made a wish on the stone. "I wish everyone will turn up to school wearing only lingerie." He thought about how much fun it would be to see girls only in their underwear.

The following morning Jon looked at the stone. He suddenly felt guilty over what he had done.

"That was irresponsible. I'm gonna have to be more careful next time."

As he said this he walked into his sisters room and put on her bra and panties.

"Wait what the hell?" He exclaimed. He reflected what was happening. Instead of girls everyone would be wearing lingerie!

"Crap. Now I know that was irresponsible!"

Just then his doorbell rang. He went downstairs and saw Karyn waiting and the door, wearing nothing but her underwear.

"Jon, what have you done?"

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