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2. Blending In

1. You Are What You Wish

Blending In

on 2015-04-26 06:30:55

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Jon wondered what he should do with the stone. It would be too dangerous to take to school. What would he do if someone like Biff or Sarah got a hold of it? Karyn had already proved a careless wish could blow up in their faces. Or somewhere else.

Jon thought about Karyn's wish though. It had more or less come about because Karyn had wished to be more like Sarah. He couldn't help wondering what it would be like to have the power to make people more like himself, or even someone else. Thinking it could be fun he grasped the stone. "I wish I had a remote that could make people blend in in various ways." The stone glowed, and Jon found a remote in his other hand.

He inspected the device. It had a toggle for awareness, and a large button that probably activated it. "I wish I knew how this remote works." He said. Information filled his mind. He simply had to point the remote at someone and press the button. The remote came with an assortment of features.

  1. Blend into environment: The subject will change to suit the environment that surrounds them

  2. Blend in with people: The subject will change to better fit in with the people around

  3. Blend in with me: The subject will change to be more like the remote's user

  4. Reverse Mode: Used in conjunction with the other modes. When active the subject will become the opposite of the people around them, the environment, or the user depending on the mode selected

Jon looked over his new toy, and thought about what he could do next.

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