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2. Stunt Double: Avenger

1. You Are What You Wish

Stunt Double: Avenger

on 2015-03-31 15:27:10

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Jon sat on his bed, rolling the stone through his fingers as he watched TV. Marvel's The Avengers was playing and Jon was a huge fan of this movie. As he continued to play with the stone in his hand, he got an idea.

How cool would it be to be a movie star, he thought. Obviously he didn't want to become someone else, he didn't want to lose his own identity, and he didn't want to completely rewrite history, if he even could with this stone. But he could, he thought, nudge himself into the movie business with one well worded wish.

He thought for a few minutes, as the movie continued to play on the TV. He recalled how the next Avengers film had just begun shooting and he thought it would be really cool if he could get a job as one of the Stunt Doubles on the film, he would be able to hang out with the actors, especially Scarlett Johansson, and perhaps get to know her better. He sat up, and gripped the stone in his hand.

"I wish, that I would be hired as a Stunt Double for one of the Main Actors in the new Avengers: Age of Ultron movie, and that I would get to hang out and spend a lot of time with Scarlett Johansson." he said clearly and loudly.

He felt a strong compulsion to close his eyes as the stone grew warm in his palm.

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