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2. Biff's interesting new life

1. You Are What You Wish

Biff's interesting new life

on 2015-03-26 22:39:33

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Late that night, Jon lay in his bed, thinking of wishes. He had made a few wishes throughout the evening, small things, wishing his mother had ordered pizza for dinner instead making the meatloaf she had planned, wished up a brand new computer and a flat screen TV... But now he was thinking of wishes he could make about other people.

He thought of Biff, who just earlier that day had shoved him into a wall of lockers for no reason. He decided to make a wish about Biff, but what? Biff thought of himself as the epitome of manliness, always bragging about the size of his muscles and the size of his junk. He was also a womanizer, even though he was dating Sarah McMillan, it was no secret he was sleeping around.

Jon knew what to wish for. He held the rock and said, "I wish that Biff has a vagina instead of a penis. I also wish he has boobs. I wish that no other physical differences will take place. His wardrobe will not change, except necessary changes in undergarments. I wish his attitude will not change, and he will attempt to act the same was as he ever did."

There was a flash, and Jon smiled. He wondered how Biff's life was now, and how he was treated. He couldn't wait till the next day at school to find out.

The next morning, Biff woke up and slowly crawled out of bed. He went about his normal morning routine. After he showered, he put on his panties, no frills, just plain white, and his D cup bra, which he hated, but he knew he'd be bouncing all over if he didn't wear it. He briefly looked in the mirror and hated his life, but he quickly put on his gameface. Every day he went to school he tried to prove he was just as manly as any of the guys. So he really hated it that he had to use the girls' bathroom and locker room at school. He knew he was missing out on the comradery that his teammates on the football team were sharing while he was forced to put on his uniform in the girls' room, or what was said behind his back in the men's room. Hell, he hated even having to sit down to go to the bathroom, one embarrassing moment when he was at a party with the rest of the team, he even angrily asked who had left the toilet seat up, which the team still joked about to this day.

He finished getting dressed, just jeans and a t-shirt, (as soon as he was old enough to dress himself he had refused to wear any girl clothes) put on his varsity jacket, picked up his books, and headed out the door. As he walked, he passed by Sarah McMillan's house. Damn, she was hot, he thought. He loved women so much, but didn't want anyone accusing him of being a "dyke" so he had to date guys. He was currently dating another football player named Steve, but he hated how Steve always had to be "the man" in their relationship.

He arrived at the school, and said a short mantra to himself. "Be the man. Be the man." He pushed open the doors and prepared for another school day.

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