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2. episode two

1. You Are What You Wish

Enter the Bitch

on 2000-07-24 06:12:52

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Sarah McMillan had managed to shed her male entourage by the time she reached her home. All were off on useful pursuits, useful to Sarah. A smile to Steve, and he was off doing her research for her history paper due next Monday. A wink at Bobby, and he was picking up her dry cleaning for her. A few soft words to Zach, and he was going to work on her car tomorrow; he was off getting the parts now. Even pathetic little Freddy. Freddy should - better be - already in her house doing her laundry and ironing, and repairing some of her clothing that was torn. Ever since she found out that Freddy was the only child of an invalid mother and was therefore an expert on all household tasks, she had cultivated him and made him her personal "housewife", all by dispensing a few kind words. When you were blonde and beautiful, men were so easy to manipulate.
All except Jon Merlin. For some reason, Jon appeared imperviopus to her charms, prefering that dumpy redhead Karyn Scott instead. Of course, this made Jon a challenge for her; Sarah always got what she wanted, and she wanted Jon.
She had noticed Jon sitting on the wall talking to Karyn. She had put a little extra wiggle into her walk as she started by them, but he had not noticed at all. As she had been just a few steps away from the two, there had been a moment of disorientation and when she again was aware of them, there was a different girl talking to Jon, a more buxom blonde girl. But, she noted, a blonde girl with a face identical to that of Karyn. When the blonde girl spoke - "Could have been worse. I could have wished... Never mind. Here, take this thing back before I mess up some more." - Sarah recognized the voice as Karyn's, a Karyn who only moments before had posessed short red hair and a less than buxom figure. And a Karyn who had mentioned wishes, mentioned them in connection with an object that Jon apparently possesed.
Smiling an evil little smile, Sarah entered her house. This bore looking into; this had definite possibilities!

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