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2. Jon Jumps Into Fiction

1. You Are What You Wish

Jon Jumps Into Fiction!

on 2023-03-16 18:16:15

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Later that night in Jon's room, the newly minted owner of the rock was deep in thought. The television was playing softly in the background, as Jon sat back on his beanbag, idly tossing the stone back and forth in his hands. The stone represented easily the most exciting thing to have ever happened in his life, but he wasn't sure what to do with it. The biggest thing that was giving him pause was the permanence of the wishes; really, Karyn was lucky that the permanent modifications she'd made to herself were relatively mild. Jon just wanted to have fun with the magic, but he didn't want to wreck his life in the process.

As he pondered, his mind keyed in to the television he'd turned on out of habit. It was an episode of Star Trek, and one that suddenly gave Jon the perfect idea of what to do with the rock. The Holodeck! I could totally wish something up like that, and have all the adventures I want without screwing with reality! Jon thought excitedly. He could live out any adventure he wanted, hopping into the shoes of the heroes or villains of his favorite movies and shows, and basically turn them into the ultimate roleplaying game.

Jon took a moment to write out his planned wish until he got the wording right. "I wish my television would turn into a magical television with the following functionality. It will have specialized remote interface that allows whoever uses it to enter the story of selected film or show. Once they enter, they'll be able to select any character in that world, and take their place. They'll be able to use any of the skills or abilities of the character they're playing. Once they enter the story, their actions will start affecting the events inside, basically they won't be bound to following the preestablished narrative. Fictional characters will ignore any references to them being fictitious. Finally, saying the phrase 'Be Kind Rewind' will allow them to exit the story and return to this reality, with only the time it would have taken to watch the movie or episode elapsing."

Jon's tiny old tube television shimmered and fuzzed like a staticky screen before resolving into a larger plasma television with an odd looking scanner positioned atop it. There was also a new hi tech looking remote sitting on his bed, with a prominent green ENTER button. Jon excitedly went to grab the controller, before pausing; he didn't really want to play alone. Smirking, he grabbed the stone, "I wish Karyn would teleport into my room now."

"What the hell!?" Karyn squawked as she landed in a heap at his feet.

Fifteen minutes later, after Jon had explained the television and Jon had thoroughly been chewed out for his impulsive wish to bring Karyn over, ( "What if I'd been in the shower for god's sake, Jon-boy!") They were finally ready to use the television. With a grin, Jon selected the program and they both pressed the Enter button.

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