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2. Browsing DeviantArt

1. You Are What You Wish

Inspiration from the web

on 2015-03-18 15:50:09

6778 hits, 336 views, 1 upvotes.

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When I got home I went straight up to my room and locked the door. Dumping my bag in a corner I slumped down in my desk chair and booted up my laptop. Sighing I grabbed the stone from my bag and toyed with it as the computer loaded, wondering if I should have some fun with it while waiting for tomorrow - I'd only agreed on damage limitation for Karyn, not wishing stuff for myself.

With a shrug I opened a browser and went straight to DeviantArt just to take my mind off of things, just aimlessly browsing, checking my watch list inbox and so forth. After half an hour or so I paused, looking at the pic currently on screen and sighed.

"I wish I looked like that," I sighed, feeling like saying something silly just for fun.

"Oh crap," I said, realising I still held the stone. I looked back at the picture on screen and paled as my vision blurred as reality changed.

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