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2. Mass Effect

1. You Are What You Wish

Mass Effect

on 2015-03-05 14:41:41

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Jon sat up in his bed unable to sleep from thinking too much about the rock. He took it out and sat in in front of him. He just looked at it and wondered what to do with it. As he stared and thought about all the possibilities he felt himself getting a little turned on.

He looked around his room and saw a copy of Mass Effect on the floor and got an idea.

Taking the rock he said. "I wish me, Karen, and some people from school would all be in the mass effect universe. But there wouldn't be any horrible galactic threat, we wouldn't be freaked out or scared to see the different alien races, and I wouldn't have to worry about many any choices like Sheppard did."

There was a black and Jon's whole world went white.

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