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2. Switching Christmas presents

1. You Are What You Wish

Switching Christmas presents

on 2014-12-23 03:37:52

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Jon went home and saw that his family had been preparing for Christmas. It was only a couple days away, and there already presents laid out under the tree. Jon had been trying to think up a wish, and instantly thought of one.

"I wish all the presents under the tree for my family would switch to be for another family member, and that they would each be happy with and use whatever it is they got."

There was a flash. Jon laughed, thinking of the possibilities. His brother might get a dress or make-up meant for his sister, his mom might get some toys or video games meant for his brother. He couldn't wait to see them all excited for their mix-matched gifts, so he decided to make another wish. "I wish that my family has decided to celebrate early this year and are opening their gifts tonight."

There was another flash, and not too later, he heard his father announce, "Everyone into the living room! Let's see what Santa brought us!"

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