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2. New plumbing

1. You Are What You Wish

New plumbing

on 2014-12-15 00:09:23

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Jon sat in his room that night, wondering if he should use the rock again. There was in fact one thing he had always wished for... He hated his penis. He loved being a guy and doing guy things, but he always felt his penis just got in the way. Too sensitive, always the risk it might get hit or hurt in some way. Women had it lucky, he thought. Sure, they had to deal with periods, risk of pregnancy, etc, but he could fix that with the rock.

"I wish that instead of a penis, I had a vagina. But I wish that I would never have to deal with a period or risk of pregnancy, and still be a normal guy."

There was a flash, and Jon could instantly feel a difference. He quickly pulled down his jeans, taking note that he was no longer wearing briefs, but panties. Not girly ones, but ones that a boy would wear if he had no penis. He pulled those down too and was about to inspect his new equipment, when suddenly his door burst open. It was his sister Zoe.

"Hey, Jon I---Oh, GOD, Jon, lock your door! If I was gonna have my dick out, I'd lock my door!"

Jon quickly pulled up his pants, "Zoe, I..." Wait, what did she just say?!

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