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2. Biff and Sarah are jealous of

1. You Are What You Wish

Biff and Sarah are jealous of each other

on 2014-12-11 03:29:36

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Later that night Jon sat in his room, wondering if he should make some wishes, and if so, for what... He found his mind drifting to earlier that day, when Biff Meadows, the captain of the football team had shoved him into the wall when he passed by and called him a loser. Biff and his girlfriend Sarah were the meanest two people in the school, and yet somehow at the top of social ladder. He knew then that he should wish something about them... Biff was basically a stereotypical jock, and Sarah was a conniving cheerleader who used her looks to get anything she wanted. Jon got an idea, he held the rock in his hand and said...

"I wish that every day when Biff gets home from school, he dresses up in girls' clothing, wears a blonde wig, puts on full make-up, speaks in a high pitched voice, and demands that his family refer to him as "Buffy". He practices his girlish walk, and poses in his mirror. He is secretly jealous of his girlfriend Sarah, as he wishes he could look as pretty as her. He is scared to death that his friends and everyone at school will find out his secret, but he is determined to show the world who he really is tomorrow at school."

There was a flash. Jon continued...

"I wish that every day when Sarah gets home from school, she dresses up in boys' clothing, washes off all her makeup, tucks her long hair up into a baseball cap, speaks in as low a voice as she can, and demands that her family call her "Steve". She practices a manly gait, and flexes her muscles in the mirror, pretending her large breasts are actually muscles. She is secretly jealous of her boyfriend Biff and wishes she could be as manly as him. She is terrified that her friends and everyone at school will find out her secret, but she is determined to show the world who she really is tomorrow at school."

A second flash. Jon smiled. That was enough wishing for today. He couldn't wait to see what happened the next day at school...

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