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2. Mikey's jealous of girls

1. You Are What You Wish

Mikey's jealous of girls

on 2014-06-02 19:51:03

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The next day after school, Jon's little brother Mikey snuck into his room. His school got out a half hour earlier than Jon's, so he knew Jon wouldn't be home for at least twenty minutes. He smiled as he looked under Jon's bed to find his brother's porn collection. Mikey had not yet reached puberty, so he didn't like looking at the magazine for sexual reasons, necessarily, he just liked breasts. They looked fun to him, and he also liked the bras ladies wore, how they cradled and lifted the breasts. And in summertime, the bikinis they wore to the beach looked so exciting and fun, so different from his boring baggy swim trunks. He was looking at his favourite issue of Playboy when he discovered something else in the box... A rock? This wasn't here last time, he thought.

He continued to flip through the magazine, casually tossing the rock up and catching it. He began to grow jealous, that he would never develop breasts.

"I wish it was boys who grew boobies instead of girls."

There was a flash, and Mikey felt confused. What just happened? He thought. He had not yet gone through puberty, so he had not developed breasts yet, but he looked down at the magazine, and all the models were now completely flat chested. At that moment, he heard the front door open and knew Jon must be home. Mikey quickly put the magazine and the rock back where he found it, and ran out before Jon could catch him.

He went downstairs, still not realizing how his wish had changed everyone, when he saw Jon, who now sported healthy C-cup sized breasts, and Mikey could tell he had a bra on as well. Mikey glanced to the kitchen table where his sister Zoe was doing homework and saw that she was now completely flat chested, and of course, bra-less.

"Whew," said Jon, sounding exhausted. "You know what they say, home is where the bra comes off..."

"Gross," said Zoe. "I'm not gonna watch you bouncing all over the place..."

"You girls have it so easy, you're lucky you don't have to put on a bra everytime you leave the house..."

Mikey giggled, excited that probably in a year or two, he would have breasts of his own... Then he remembered that mysterious rock, and realized that must be what caused this...

"Ahhh..." said Jon, skillfully taking his bra off without removing his shirt, and flinging it at Zoe.

"Ewww!" she cried, swatting it away.

Apparently, thought Mikey, boys and girls didn't act any different in this new reality he had created, the only difference so far that he could tell was only that boys had the breasts now, and had to wear appropriate undergarments. He ran to his room and looked in his dresser... Everything was the same, except his swim trunks were gone, in their place was a cute little two piece bikini. He wondered how soon he could get his first training bra.

He had to get that rock back and experiment more...

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