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2. John is turn into an Amazonian

1. You Are What You Wish


on 2014-05-19 01:21:26

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After school John went home to get some sleep. But when he got there he was surprised to find that his mother was looking younger and more full. She had to be
6FT11 and had curves in all the right places. In laments terms a bombshell bab. She also was completely naked. "Ah a new sister to be" she said in a joyful tone as she walked right up to him and kissed him in a particularly arousing way. As this happened he noted that he was not feeling well and he was Dizzy. And he began to change growing taller and stronger. His waist thinned and his hips widened. His chest grew two large and soft breast. Her mind changed she now had anew mission in life to convert all humans into Amazon's and she had lost the name JOHN and was now Jennifer. The xeno-virus had started. All victims became female and develop unique abilities or mutations. All wishing to spread the virus as fast as possible in order to evolve and fulfill their own libretto. But luckily JOHN had given the stone to Karen so it was safe for now but they were eventually going to go after her for the stone ...

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