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2. Answering a long time asked qu

1. You Are What You Wish

Able to...

on 2014-05-12 17:53:31

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Once home, Jon started thinking about what could he do with the stone. First of all he had a question, why haven't his grandfather wished for power to make his wishes true, while being able to revert them, so he doesn't depend on the stone and he could revert the wishes!

It was easy to answer this question. Jon asked the stone and received an answer that sounded and echoed in his mind, the stone can only give iqual or less power than the stone has, so it must be a less powerful power to revert what it made, or simply be the same power as the stone, but in a person. And, if the thing asked is too powerful, the stone will use its entire power to produce it, becoming a simple stone, or something like that.

Even thought Jon liked the stone, and it was easier to simply make wishes, he also knew that it wasn't safe at all to preserv the power of the stone in the stone 'cause it could fall in the wrong hands, or even in the right hands, it could cause an unreversible disaster.

Jon decided to ask the stone which powers will be powerful enought to drain all the power from the stone, but weak enought to keep the capacity of reverting them.

Almost inmediately he knew tat this powerful powers were really powerful, but not as dangerous as the stone.Finaly he decided to choose one of them which where:

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