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2. Alignment of the Stars

1. You Are What You Wish

Alignment of the Stars

on 2014-04-25 15:44:59

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(The premise of stars aligning, giving the stone greater range comes from Paradox's "Allignment of the Stars," which has led to the enormously fertile "Iridescent Sun" and "Iridescent Stars" story threads.)

After Jon returned home, he made a wish, not knowing that while this wish would normally not have affected anything beyond the stone's limited range of a few miles, there were certain celestial forces at work that would ensure that the wish would affect a much broader area.

Unknown to Jon, and most of the world's population, certain stars had aligned in a manner that caused the power of the stone to amplify. This caused it's range to expand from a few miles to most of the globe, though the stone's effects deteriorated as its power reached further. So, while Jon's town would feel the full effect of the wish, and his state would feel most of its power, a place as far away as China would encounter some of the stone's effects, but they would not be anywhere near as strong as the effects experienced by those closest to the stone.

What did Jon wish for?

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