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2. Tying up loose ends (attempt t

1. You Are What You Wish

The Truth Revealed

on 2014-04-20 18:09:21

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Jon fell asleep thinking of the multitude of wishes that were possible and how much fun each option could be. Little did he know, that his grandfather was alive, in a sense.

Glenn didn't want to take any chances that his grandson might sense his ethereal presence, so he waited until Jon fell asleep to make his move. Notably, Glenn had seen most of what had happened that day, including Karyn's accidental wish. Unfortunately for him, Jon had kept the stone in his possession for most of the day so Glenn never had the chance to stop him from making any wish.

Luckily, or at least Glenn felt lucky, Jon hadn't made any wish that had a big impact on the world around him. Jon did seem to be formulating all the wonderful and horrible possibilities that this wishing rock presented him with which both delighted Glenn and scared him at the same time.

"Finally." Glenn said as he noticed Jon was asleep, "I never thought he would go to sleep." He slowly crept towards Jon as fast as his ethereal form would allow and touched the rock. "I wish that this wish and the next will be undetectable from any forms of magic." The rock glowed signaling that Glenn could easily continue with his next wish in his current form. "I wish that Jon would be brought to this point in time if he dies or after his wishes take their toll down the wrong path until he finds a way to save the world before it's destruction."

And with that wish Glenn fled the scene hoping that some day that either he or Jon would find a way to end the curse that had fallen the earth just before Glenn could stop it.

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