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2. A little hello

1. The Forum

A little hello

on 2017-07-07 23:43:44

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I just thought I'd say hello, I've been a long time reader and occasional writer. I wanted to say hello, see if anyone had anything to say or criticism or encouragement about what I've written however you're feeling.

I've been trying to refine my writing to build up to better stories, I know I'm not there yet. I find myself coming up with a cheap parlour trick of an idea or building off of someone elses story, and never really doing anything with it. I'd like to get better at actually exploring what a change means to a character. Instead of the cheap 'firework' effect of immediately before and after. So any thoughts on how to work towards that would be appreciated.

Anyways, hello everyone and thanks to all who have been writing for years here and inspiring me to actually try and write some things myself.

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