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2. Karyn Changes History, Women W

1. You Are What You Wish

Karyn Changes History, Women Wear The Pants

on 2014-04-16 20:23:38

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That night, Jon sat in his room, the rock in hand, wondering what to do. Before he could think of anything, his phone rang. It was Karyn.

"Hey, Jon, um, I was wondering if I could borrow the rock tomorrow?"

Jon hesitated. He should've known this would happen if he let Karyn know about it.

"Please?" she continued. "Just during school."

Jon finally agreed, but after hanging up the phone, he decided he needed a little insurance. "I wish I will know whenever someone makes a wish, I will know what changed."

There. He didn't figure Karyn would wish for anything too drastic anyway, probably just try to get her old breast size and hair color back, or maybe mess with Sarah's life a little.

The next day, Karyn sat in class, the borrowed rock in her bookbag. The class was American History, and they were studying the Revolutionary War. Karyn was so bored with the subject, just a bunch of old men fighting wars... She wished history concentrated more on women. Then she smiled. She raised her hand and asked if she could be excused to go to the bathroom. She slid her history book into her bookbag and went down the hall to the bathroom. Once there, she checked under the stalls to make sure she was alone, then took the rock out of her bag.

She held it and whispered, "I wish that after the U.S. won the Revolutionary War, George Washington turned down his nomination for the presidency, and made his wife Martha president, declaring that the country would be run by women."

There was a flash, and Karyn instantly felt a change in her clothing. That's odd, she thought. Her bra had disappeared. She realized that since women were in charge, maybe bras had never become the norm. Or maybe, she giggled, guys have to wear them now.

She took her history book out of her bag and turned to the page she had just been reading in class. Her mouth dropped open when she saw the change that had happened to the painting of George Washington. Originally it had depicted him at his inauguration, standing boldly. Now it showed him dressed in a frilly ball gown, daintily presenting his wife as the new president, her now posing proudly in a suit. She read part of the paragraph below the painting. "Although there were some who fought this, most men voluntarily gave up their roles as heads of household and began wearing dresses instead of pants, which the women gladly took over. In just a few short years, the roles of the two genders had completely reversed, and in only a generation's time, it had become a worldwide phenomenon."

Karyn smiled. Finally, the world is as it should be... But unbeknownst to her, Jon had made the wish that he would know whenever something was changed by the rock.

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