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2. Unwanted attention

1. You Are What You Wish

Karyn gets some unwanted attention

on 2014-04-05 03:34:04

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The next day at school, Karyn was trying to act nonchalant. She felt very self-conscious about her long blonde hair and unusually large breasts, but as she should have known, nobody mentioned any changes. A couple of friends complimented her on her hair, stating that they liked it when she wore it down instead of in a ponytail.

That said, of course, Karyn definitely noticed that she was being treated differently. Most of the boys in school were paying a LOT more attention to her. More specifically, they were paying a lot more attention to her chest. Karyn had decided to play it safe this morning, and wore a fairly modest sweater, but the magic of the rock hadn't changed her wardrobe along with her breasts. None of her bras fit comfortably; she had tried to steal one from her mother, but it wasn't much better. She had been forced to go braless. Her new boobs were very perky, so support wouldn't be a huge issue for a few years at least, but Karyn was very aware of the bouncing issue when she tried to walk quickly or jog anywhere. The sweater was also snug around the chest, drawing more attention than she wanted to her new endowments. She made a mental note that she would have to stop at the mall on the way home and do some shopping.

Jon pulled Karyn aside at the morning break, whispering that he thought he had figured out a way to help her, but it would have to wait for tonight. Karyn felt a bit apprehensive about using the stone again - what if things somehow got worse?

Karyn also noticed that Sarah McMillan had been directing icy stares at her all day. Karyn was surprised by this. Normally, she was beneath the queen bee's notice, but suddenly she was being treated to the same purposeful exclusion that Sarah reserved for the other alpha females who threatened her title as the hottest chick on campus.

During Geography class, Karyn asked to go to the washroom, and didn't notice that Biff, the head football player, asked to go right after her. Karyn was walking down the hall when she suddenly felt a hand groping her ass. She turned around in shock, only to see Biff leering down at her.

"Hey, babe," he said, "what are you up to later? Want to hang out with the coolest guy in school?"

"Funny you should mention that," Karyn said, "I am going to hang out with him!"

Biff's smirk widened. "Sweet," he drawled, "Meet me at my car right after the bell."

Karyn tried to look surprised. "Oh, you're going to give me a ride to Jon's house? Thanks!"

Biff scowled. "You're hanging out with that faggot? Come on, I'll show you what it's like to be with a REAL man."

With that, Biff stretched his hand out and touched the locker beside Karyn, blocking her way.

"Move out of my way, Biff, I'm not interested," Karyn said.

"Hey, come on," said Biff, "Sorry I insulted your friend. I just think we should get to know each other better." He stared down at Karyn's breasts. "You seem like a really great girl."

Karyn tried to push her way past him, but Biff grabbed her around the waist. "Where are you going?" he asked.

Karyn said "Let go of me, you jerk!", but Biff smirked and hung on. Karyn tried to force her way out of the football player's grasp, but he slid a hand up her shirt and grabbed her breast, pulling her tight to him with his other arm.

Karyn shrieked and slapped him across the face. Biff let go of her just as a teacher poked her head out of a nearby classroom. "Is everything alright?" she asked, glaring at Biff.

Biff covered the red mark on his face with his hand and said, "Everything's fine... Karyn just tripped but I caught her before she fell down." With that, he turned and walked away.

Karyn knew that she should have reported what happened to the teacher, but a combination of shock and shame prevented her. She had heard that Biff was a creep, but he had never done anything to anyone in her circle before, so she had passed it off as mere rumour. She couldn't believe he had been bold enough to grope her in the hallway. For the first time, she wished that the school hadn't taken out the security cameras last year.

The day got worse as it went on. At lunch, Karyn was confronted by Sarah and a couple of her cheerleader minions. Sarah started accusing Karyn of messing around with Biff. Karyn was too stunned to reply at first, but it sounded like Biff had started bragging about her letting him feel her up in the washroom that morning. When Karyn tried to explain what had really happened, Sarah started screaming that Karyn was a slut and a liar. Karyn tried to walk away again, but one of Sarah's flunkies grabbed her by the sweater. When Karyn tried to pull away, the cheerleader pulled Karyn's sweater up over her face, revealing her breasts to an appreciative audience of boys in the cafeteria. Karyn pulled her sweater down, and ran out of the school, red-faced and fuming with humiliation and rage. She walked to the mall, with hot tears pouring down her face. She ran into the bathroom in the mall and cried for several minutes before she managed to pull herself together. She went to a store, bought a couple of new bras in her new size, and headed home.

That afternoon, she got a call from Jon. His voice sounded a bit odd, and he was clearly upset, and he was asking her to come over right away. Karyn put on one of her new bras and a t-shirt that used to be too big, and was now too small, and headed over to Jon's place. When she got there she was astounded all over again. Jon had a black eye and a bloody nose; apparently, Biff and a couple of his football player friends had jumped Jon on the way home from school, beating him and warning him to stay away from his slutty friend Karyn.

Karyn was so angry she could hardly speak. She looked at Jon and said, "Where's the stone?"

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