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2. Attention

1. The Future of Gaming


on 2006-04-04 03:35:37

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This an urgent report:

Other authers claimingto be said Wild-Card are fakes. There was only one ture Wild-Card and I knew him well. Do not be decived by these imposters spoiling his good name. He is now dead to this site and no one can bring him back now. As of April 2 2006 at 11:45 Wild-Card was officilaly gone. Those of you out there can never be like him, my he rest in peace. If you belive that these fakes are really him, I hope that this branch shall confirm that he is now dead and cannot be brought back. Wild-Card's death had nothing to do with this site, but it was people that pokes at him and made him look bad that drove him to the reaper's embrace. I know that there will be some that continue to spoil his good name, but remember this; it was people like you who killed him. He was a good person and his flame shall never go out in some of our hearts. His last branch was a goodbye to you all and some of you just shrugged it off as a friendly handshake. Wake up people, he is now dead. Anyone using his name in a bad way deservers to meet the same fate as he did but ten times worse. I hope that this clears up confusion in some of your heads and will open your eyes to what has really happened to a great creative mind. What this branch says is true. Please do not let his name be smeared any more.

With all due respect
This will be the only thread made by me, any other branches disreguard as they shall be imposters as well. I shall only repost this around the site and then I shall be done with you people.

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