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2. Wishing for more Magic Items!

1. You Are What You Wish

Wishing for more Magic Items!

on 2014-02-25 01:23:06

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The following weekend Karen came over and was eager to see the rock.

"Okay can we wish again?" Karen asked.

Jon looked worried "I don't know.... I think we should be careful with it...."

Karen got frustrated "Jon you have a rock that can do pretty much anything and the only thing you've done with it is let me make myself better looking..... you didn't let me wish all week now come on... just hiding the rock and never using it isn't the same as being careful, that's just being stupid."

Jon got annoyed and wanted to argue but he just decided to give in and go with it. I mean after all he did need to use the rock even if it did scare him. "Okay... sorry it's just kind of scary you know?"

Karen calmed down. "Yeah.... but I mean that doesn't mean we shouldn't use the rock Jon... come on go get it... please?"

Jon got up and opened his closet. He pulled out a suit jacket he wore a few weeks ago to his grandpa's funeral and pulled the rock out of the jacket's inner pocket. A quiet appropriate hiding spot since he got the rock from his grandpa. "Okay.... so... what did you want to do?"

Karen grabbed the rock. "Well I was thinking of making my back stronger and immune to pain... my chest kind of hurts it... but since you're so scared of this rock... I'm thinking it might be better if we wished up some less powerful magic items?"

Jon thought about it. "Well... I guess that makes sense but it sounds like it could be ever more risky."

Karen just continued. "I wish...."

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