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2. A new world

1. You Are What You Wish

A new world

on 2014-02-22 11:33:00

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Back to his house, Jon goes directly to his bedroom. It seems only his sister is already here, he can hear the sound of her metal music through the wall.

Jun puts his school stuffs on the floor and pick his precious stone. It could do so much things, but he will have to be careful, Karyn is a good exemple. He looks at it a long moment, thinking about all the possibilities and the mistakes he could do with this thing, and put it on his nightdrawer.
He then start his PC and play a game of neverwinter night online.

The stone stays where Jon left it for all the evening...

But the next morning when Jon wake up, he founds the stone in his hand and doesn't in his bed...

When he looks around, he notices that his bedroom have stone walls and the bed is just few sheets on straws...

"Where the hell am I ?" he says.

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