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2. Karen's new member

1. You Are What You Wish

Karen's erection

on 2014-02-05 10:37:12

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That night Karen heard a knock on her window. As she opened the window to see what was going on, she saw John perced on a branch with the biggest smile on his face.

"What are you doing? You know you're not allowed over here at night John." karen whispered loudly Hurriedly she helped John inside and closed the window. Then she checked her door quickly to make sure no one had heard him comming in. Only then did she sit down and face John. "Ok what is up?"

John plopped down beside her on the bed and pulled out the stone. "Oh come on. We've been friends forever. You knew I couldn't wait until tomorrow. So I think I've got an fix for your last wish."

Sceptically Karen asked."Ok why do I not feel overly confident about this. This isn't like the time where-"

"Karen relax. Look we can't change wishes right but we CAN minimize the damages. So lets try this." John squeezed his hand tightly around the stone. "I wish that Karen's hair is dyed red and she has a life time supply of dye to keep dying it."

Karen looked in her mirror and indeed her hair had returned to her normal hair color. "Ok John you just used the power cosmic to do something that I could have done By GOING TO THE STORE!"

"Calm down sheesh." John said slightly defensively.

Karen sat back down on the bed facing John her breath heavy as she tried to calm down. "I'm sorry John but it's like that stone doesn't really make things better."

John hesitated for a second before anwsering, his eyes fixed on Karen's new assets. "John Are you listening to me?" John startled looked up at karen's face. "Of course I'm listening to you and um... hey at least the wish worked exactly like I wanted it to. So we know that it can be done." John said trying to take the edge off.

"Were you staring at my chest? Oh my god you were weren't you?"

"What? Noo. Why would I nooo. Me not a chance. Karen you're my best friend in the world. I don't even think of you like that. Why would I-"

"Yeah yeah smart ass. You've got a boner. And you're staring at my chest again. Oh my God."

"Damn it Karen I'm sorry it's not like I can help it. Sheesh. You know some people are flattered-"

"Well I'm not some people. Why are boys such freaking perverts. You don't see me staring at your crotch do you?"

"No, but argh. Karen you don't get it. I wish you knew how it felt." As the words finished leaving his mouth he realized his mistake. "I'm sorry Karen it was an accident. I didn't mean to... well whatever happened. I'm sorry."

Karen stood up to open the window when they both saw it. Karen had his erection.

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