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2. A Magical Game

1. You Are What You Wish

How about a little fun?

on 2014-01-15 02:06:09

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Jon held the stone in his hand. With only a mere wish, he'd seen how it altered Karyn with their slight miscommunication the other day. Unlimited power, any possible changes to reality or desires brought to life, with only so much as a well stated command. He held it closely and thought about what he should use it for.

As one as curious and inquisitive, he always did like games. As a kid he'd play all sorts of them, from tag and manhunt, checkers and chess, as well as more socially based games like charades or pictionary. More technical ones like Scrabble and Poker were fun, but there was another thing he liked to observe.

Gameshows, especially those that tested people's knowledge, talents and unique personalites. Those that offered unique prizes with difficulty, he wondered if maybe he could create something like that.

Holding the stone up, he realized of course he could! A Magical Game, that's what he'd create! One where people would be betting their minds and bodies, perhaps their very lives livelihoods at stake as the reward and loss.

Gripping the stone tight, he thought through the rules of the game and the wish that would bring it to life carefully. And so, to set the game in motion, Jon wished..

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