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2. Altered reality! ~With a twist

1. You Are What You Wish

Subverting Expectations I: The Beginning

on 2014-01-11 02:09:27

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It was a beautiful morning in the residence. A well rested teenager rubbed their eyes carefully and hit their alarm clock, waking up. Throwing off their blanket, they quickly headed off in their panties with their smooth chest exposed. They wandered off towards the bathroom and began a brief shower. Washing the water against their supple soft breast, they cooed. Nuzzling the water and steam against their privates, the youth got playfully erect, which indicated it was probably a sign to get going.

As if the sentiment was shared by reality, a call from downstairs rang out.

"Jane! Your friend is here, ready to take you off to school!"

Jane's eyes lid up as she turned the knob down, stepped out of the shower and quickly wrapped a towel around themselves. She shouted "Just a minute!", which blow drying her short dark hair with the ease of a blow dryer and fluffing off their moist dark skin. There was a knock at the door, and Jane opened it to see none other than her friend, Karyl (Pronounced Carl) at the door.

"Ready to go to..oo okay." Karyl looked away blushing as Jane's bare chest was exposed, the skimpy towel only covering their chest and privates to say the least.

"I'm sorry, my bad. I'll be downstairs enjoying some of your fathers cooking. Get dressed soon dude."

"-Wait, I'll be down in a moment. I'm already dry, just let me put on my clothes. Than I need to talk to you some more about the wishing stone." Jane insisted.

They agreed. And soon enough Jane dressed herself in her routine school clothes, a silky plaid skirt with a modest blouse. She put on her glasses, tucked on her sneakers, grabbed her bags, and posed for the mirror. Staring back was a humble 16 year old girl of likely African-American descent, slightly pudgy and a bit on the short side staring back with emerald-colored eyes, courtesy of her late mothers side.

Once she got down, Karyl greeted her by waving a pancake on a fork, his lanky arms reaching out and than retracting to pull the syrup'd meal into his mouth. Jane's father, (lone step-father technically) who was cooking bacon the stove urged her to come sit down and eat quickly before leaving to school. She pulled a chair up and was greeted by a steaming plate of hot breakfast foods.

As they sat down, Karyl finished chewing and brushed her face with a napkin. "So, about the stone..."

However she was interrupted by a nearby yelp.
"Oh great, that must be Mikey.." Jane said.

Jane sighed, lapped her bag around her chair and got up.
Karyl bit his lip and prepared for another fierce confrontation.

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