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2. A Novel Experience unlike any

1. You Are What You Wish

An Adventure Yet to Arrive

on 2014-01-02 19:50:02
Episode last modified by Noy2222 on 2018-02-28 16:49:58

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Jon woke up from his bed. Stretching, he brought himself up and turned off the alarm clock reading 6:30. Another day beginning, another set of adventures to undergo. He checked the tiny box which held his jewel, and in it was the wishing stone he'd so miraculously received from his Grandfather. With the power to make wishes with it, there was nothing in his way from having a good time he thought, he felt like a million bucks.

As he walked down the hall in his shorts, he saw a car drive by and his mother Linda poke in.

"Well aren't you up early sweetie." She said, shifting through some mail of sorts.

"Well school starts soon, so not anyone bit earlier than usual I guess." Jon said, rubbing his eyes. "What's that exactly? Don't you seem quite the morning bird yourself?"

Linda chuckled, sorting through the letters in her hand. "Ah well, the mail came early today strangely enough." There were bills and spam, the usual junk one received. "Hmm, well this is interesting." She said, urging Jon to come down.

"What is it?" Jon slowly made his way down the stairs, still in his boxers. Once he reached Linda she flapped a letter in front of his face and showed him the envelope. "This came for you. Do you know anything about a Martha R.R. Goodman?" she said, as Jon's eyes lit up and he snatched the letter out of her hand. Tearing through the envelope, his eyes scanned the message and his mother recanted.

"Oh right, now if I remember correctly that's the author of that one children's book series, Underpants or Undierude? The one everyone's been yappin about" She stated scratching her chin.

"Under Root. And yes, that's the one. And it's not a children's book, it's a YA Novel series."

"Well okay." Linda said, sensing steam from the kitchen and tiptoeing off the receive her coffee.

The letter said:

"Dear values reader, while it has been my lovely privilege and ever so lofty challenge to write to you the next daring chapter in the UnderRoot saga, certain stipulations and drawbacks have to come to my attention. You need not worry, this requires no additional support or concern on your part, other than your valued patience as beloved readers for which I am so gracious to have. Due to the conditions afflicting me and my work right now, the book release will be pushed back by two weeks effectively. By than, all who have preordered copied will be receiving them than, rather than now in which you have been given this note instead. Again, my sincerest apologies fellow readers, I'm sorry for this transgression but I promise the wait will have been worth it. Trust me, this next Novel will change you in ways you won't believe, you could even say it's life changing. Happy waiting and jÀÀdÀ kotiin turvassa! (Stay home safe)"
~With Love and Thanks, Martha R.R. Goodman.

Jon read over the letter one more time, sighing and putting it back in it's envelope as he took in it's contents. Another 2 weeks delayed? That would be just disappointing, all the geeky kids plus him and Karyn, all the online forums, and even school's boo kclub would be looking forward to that book. And now it'd be another 2 weeks before they found out Montrav's fated secrets or zis next adventure. It was amazing how he was actually lamenting this, less than a year ago he'd hardly heard of this cult fantasy series, but after Karyn suggested and got him into one time, he'd been hooked, having read all 7 in the saga thus far and anticipating the next Novel patiently. And if he wasn't taking it well, he could only imagine how disappointed and anxious Karyn would be.

"I wish that book would come out sooner, I bet everyone would really like to get into the action already." He thought carelessly as he made his way back up the stairs and prepared himself a warm shower. Per his negligence, the stone beamed a deep red inside his pocket which he'd forgot about momentarily.

It would be a moment that promised this book be unlike any other.

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