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2. Meeting at school

1. You Are What You Wish

Meeting at school

on 2014-01-01 16:57:50

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The next day, I met Karyn by the front of the school. She was wearing a more revealing top than I had ever seen her wear before, and she seemed to be garnering more attention from the football team as well.

"Hey Jon!" Karyn said as she waved me over to her.

"Hi Karyn, hows it going?" I asked her trying my best not to be caught looking at her cleavage.

"Jon, its crazy!" she said lowering her voice so she wouldn't be overheard. "I could never have thought how different my life would be if I had bigger boobs."

"Well, you had said before how much better it would be, right?" I tried to remind her.

"No, yeah, of course." she said. "But Jon, its better than that!" she added with a huge grin, a smile that made my pants tighten a little in fact. She was prettier than I had ever seen her in that moment. Could her increased bust really cause her to be more attractive to me?

"What... what do you mean?" I asked as I felt people approaching us from behind me.

"Karyn! Is this loser bothering you?" I heard as I turned to see Sarah and the other cheerleaders sneering at me.

"Oh, c'mon Sarah, he's not a loser." Karyn said defending me.

"Well, if it walks like a loser, dresses like a loser and... ew... smells like a loser, then what do you think it is?" Sarah joked as she held her nose and made a face that the other cheerleaders giggled at.

I sniffed my armpit, remembering that I showered this morning and used that deodorant that the commercials promised would made supermodels throw themselves at me.

"Sarah!" Karyn said "Stop being a bitch! He's my friend, And up until 5 years ago, he was your friend too!" She added cocking her hip in a very sexy fashion.

"Yeah, that was until I figured out that he was a loser." Sarah said rolling her eyes, and checking her fingernails. Sarah was avoiding something here, I could tell from her body language. "Anyway, Karyn, lets go we have to discuss plans for the Homecoming dance next Friday." Sarah added as she slid her arm around Karyn's and pulled her towards the front doors of the school.

"H-H-Homecoming Dance?" I stuttered as Karyn joined the Cheerleaders. Something here was very off, could her wish yesterday have done this I asked myself.

"Uh, yeah Jon," Karyn said with a sadness in her voice. "The cheerleading squad is in charge of planning the dance. Look, I'll talk to you later, Okay?"

"Uh, okay." I said, defeat in my voice as my best friend joined my mortal enemy and left me standing there alone.

"Why are you explaining yourself to that nerd?" I heard Sarah ask Karyn as they walked through the front door of the school, and right before the doors closed behind the group of girls, I heard a roar of giggles that could only have come from a joke made at my expense.

My best friend made a wish yesterday, and now her life was seemingly better and mine was obviously worse. My hand instinctively went into my pants pocket and my fingers felt the stone as I thought what I could do today to make my life better.

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